Hello there friend! Welcome to my sacred and safe space where I offer tarot readings, coming from a soul but grounded place. 

First, I want to share with you a little about Tarot and what you can expect from a reading done by me :)

I use the cards as a tool to help uncover my own unconscious, to connect to my Soul and also to look at my problems from different perspectives, showing me the best steps to take. As I have come to learn, Tarot is like a mirror. It reflects back to us who we are. It doesn´t lie. It shows us our good and bad choices, our strengths and weaknesses and it helps us to understand what we need to let go in order to move on. 

So, are you in need of guidance? Relationships, Career, Personal growth...I am NOW offering donation-based tarot readings! You will receive a detailed PDF with the reading and respective card spread. Just fill out the form below with your contact details and question and I'll get back to you in 5 business days!

If you want to donate, you can use my Paypal link here :) any help is welcome!

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** LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No refunds. By law I must mention that this reading is for entertainment purposes only. I will not answer questions about death, health or infidelity. I hold the right to decline a reading if I find the question inappropriate. A tarot reading doesn't replace legal advice.