Solar Eclipse & New Moon / Tarot Medicine

Hi magical souls & happy Solar Eclipse & New Moon!

Who else is feeling all the feels with this powerful event in the skies? For me it feels like an emotional rollercoaster this past week, as an Aries, Cancer season could not end any sooner (sorry, not sorry).

This Solar Eclipse is a potent force; it unblocks the energy flow and precipitates events that were already ripening; along with the New Moon in Cancer you can feel it washing down all that you no longer need in your life to make space for a fresh start. But, are you ready for this potent energy?

If you can, meditate a little, grab your favourite crystals,  lit some palo santo and write your New Moon intentions. What do you envision for this new cycle of your life? 

The Anchor card for this event is the Tower! This card is powerful and for me it makes sense coming up with this energy right now! This imposes a powerful question: What is ready to be released to make room  for a more solid foundation? It brings a sudden upheaval, a liberation of the old and moving into a new phase of life, a creation of a new routine. Like the New Moon,  we are moving into a new cycle, where we are creating a breakthrough in consciousness from the unnecessary burdens in life. 

With the 2 of Wands we are ready to work our magic, to seek a new direction and to focus our mind towards a new goal. Sometimes, we need to step outside our comfort zone and try something new to ignite our inspiration sparkle. The number two highlights a synergy and balance. If we combine our energies with Source we can create a magnificent partnership and create a magical outcome!

How are you celebrating this beautiful New Moon?