Weekly Tarot Guidance!

This is a collective energy Tarot Reading for the week of 17th Sept to 23rd Sept 2018.

Hey friends! How have you being feeling? I felt the need to pull for the Collective instead of doing just for me and the card that we are being invited to welcome into our lives is Temperance RX. It´s a good week to start a cycle of inner work for all of us. Whenever we want to move forward with our lives we first need to review a few things to clear the away ahead.

Temperance is all about Divine Timing, so don’t feel the need to rush to clear everything in a heartbeat; you won´t miss anything even if it takes you longer than expected to do this inner work that is essential to our evolution.

As I have learned , Temperance is a card of rebirth and surrendering to our soul, so when we receive her in the reverse position it means we have a little more work to do in releasing any old patterns and behaviours that are no longer in alignment with our Soul´s calling. We are being giving a chance to revisit our Shadows and work with them to release any fear, giving our True Self a chance to step forward.

If you feel called to go deeper with this card’s medicine, I´m going to leave below 3 journal prompts!

  1. What am I most afraid of other people finding out about me?

  2. If I could in this instant do what my soul is calling, what would that be?

  3. If I was face-to-face with my True Self, what advice would he/she give to me?

If you want, remove the Temperance card from your deck and place it in front of you in the reversed position. Now, shuffle your deck or fan out the cards in front of you and pull 3 cards.

  1. What Am I still holding on to?

  2. How can I start the process of releasing anything no longer serving my True Self?

  3. What would be the outcome of this week´s inner soul work?

Crystals for this week would be: Obsidian (grounds energy), Sodalite (guidance in discovering our path) and Peridot (protection and healing when confronting our Shadows).

Hope you all have a blessed week!


Callie x