Are you secretly spiritual?

If the answer's yes! That's awesome, I'm too! Not secretly but I was for a long time and I was always feeling ashamed and embarrassed that I was spiritual. How many times do we tick the religion in a form and we just put one acceptable for society because we don't want to come off looking weird? I did it and it's okay. IT'S OKAY if you are not ready to come out of the spiritual closet. IT'S OKAY if you step off the spiritual closet right now. I'm here for you.

I have always being spiritual inclined, always listened to my intuition, it's amazing how I could sometimes predict what others would say but there was always something deep rooted in me that always said that being spiritual, psychic, medium (whatever you want to call yourself) was wrong, out of place and therefore not worthy of any gifts that would manifest in me. Even until this very day, I'm still learning to embrace my shadow and work off those feelings and thoughts and turn them to my advantage.

For the last year and a half I have focused my attention in learning Tarot. Yeah, that's right, Tarot. I am a Tarot Reader. Me. Someone that always thought readers were just taking advantage of the unfortunate situations of others, found myself completely connected to the practice. Guess it was written in the cards :)  It was the best thing I ever did and I do feel Tarot is aligned with my purpose, not all of it, but it will take me there. 

What I want you to ask right now is what spiritual tool or tools really call out for you? The immediate responses will be right, trust your intuition. 

Now, how do you feel? How would you feel if people knew? For a long time, I felt embarrassed to let people know that I read Tarot, that I had crystals and had my fair share of self-help books but honestly speaking I just felt that I was not being true to myself by doing this and just started doing little things to ease the conversation with other people. I started letting some books be overnight in the living room instead of the bedroom and I can still remember my roommate asking "Who reads Tarot?" and I just say: ME! I can remember my heart rate accelerating, afraid of what they were going to say but they just asked me if I was thinking of doing it for fun or actually pursuit it and I said that I wanted to really read and it was fine, no judgement from them, thank God. 

We live in the Social Media Age, there are lots of online communities where you can share your voice and story. Some groups that I'm in that I absolutely love are Soul on Fire, created by Jordan Younger of The Balanced blonde and the Your own Magic created by Raquelle Mantra and Allie Michelle. These are dogma free, no judgement groups that if you feel in the beginning you don't have the courage to talk to your family and friends you will find in these groups your soul tribe, believe me!

Other step I took was create this website and my Instagram page, @callierise. It's a safe place where I do Tarot guidance pulls and share quotes and connect. Even if you already have an Instagram account, you could always create a second, if it's too much trouble for you, just start introducing spiritual posts from time to time, letting your voice out. You can put a post with crystals, a meditation post, some oracle cards, a spiritual book post... whatever your soul tells you. And trust it! It is your best ally!!

All that is important for me as it should be for you is to try to live the most authentic life you could possibly do and if it means embracing Spirituality so be it! Never forget, the Universe has your back and so do I!

If you want to talk more, just send me a message on Instagram or comment below!


Callie x