Newbie to Crystals? No problem, I got'ya!

For a long time crystals have become a must tool in Spiritual and everyday life. For me, crystals are the keepers of the hidden knowledge. They have been on this Earth long before us and in my opinion they unlock our power and potential. You have crystals for unlocking creativity, connecting to the Higher Consciousness, for protection, vitality, energy, well being, to sleep...there is literally a stone for everything. I highly recommend Cassandra Eason's Crystal Bible. 

But, we can't have all of here are my go-to crystals:

  • Clear Quartz - you can program Clear Quartz for anything you want! it's excellent to aid spiritual growth;

  • Carnelian - great for creativity and restores motivation. If you work in a busy environment, Carnelian can help you stabilize your energy levels;

  • Blue Lace Agate - the communication stone. It balances the throat chakra and alleviates nervous tensions;

  • Rose - the relationship stone. It restores harmony and love in our heart chakra and promotes deep healing of self-love;

  • Selenite - awakens our spiritual abilities and protects from negative energies;

  • Citrine - brings abundance to our lives and enhances our mental clarity;

  • Amethyst - helps to heal emotional issues and opens our 3rd eye chakra;

  • Black Tourmaline . the most used stone for protection against negative energies. It is also used for grounding with the Earth by creating a connection between us and Mother Earth.

And here you have!! The first crystals I have ever bought! 

Do you use crystals? Which one? Let me know in the comments :)