Let's talk Energy Protection

Hello magical friends!! Energy Protection is a very popular subject among the spiritual community...how many have you heard talking about sage or palo santo smudges?

It is more than that. It has to be a very conscious and thoughtful approach. When we take the time to protect ourselves energetically, we become more focused and calm in the way we deal with the everyday life.

But why do I need to protect my energy Callie? (you may ask...)

Our energy is our Power. Is how we show ourselves into the world. If we are feeling drained or down we feel like our energy is low. So, to pick it up we need to protect ourselves. It's easy and there are exercises you can do. This way you can turn your focus to your own spiritual development and it will help you shine your light into the world!

The first exercise is how I protect my energy on a daily basis. I tend to be a very visual person so I like to use visualizations in my energy protection work. It goes like this: Stand or sit still and take a few deep breaths - inhale through the nose, hold 3 secs, exhale through the mouth. Then I want you to visualize a white light surrounding your body like a shield and try to feel the warm and love of this light. If you're at work, or on the subway, you can do this as you walk. I live in London, one of the busiest cities in the world and whenever I go to Oxford Circus street I like to do this as I walk, it makes me feel more protected and serene.

Another exercise is using the power of Affirmations. When we affirm something we manifest it into the Universe and we receive it back! (you can check the Manifest 101 ebook in the shop). Do the breathing exercise from above and say them at least 3 times and believe in what you're saying (it's very important): some examples of what you can say: I am protected. The Universe has my back. I choose the Light. Try to listen to your heart and say whatever comes to your mind. You can write them on your phone notes, a paper or even a post-it and carry it with you throughout the day.

The last one is one of my favourites and it requires a crystal. The most used crystals for protection are Black Tourmaline or Shunghite. Doesn't need to be a big stone, just enough to fit your pocket or your wallet. All you need to do is cleanse it first and then set the intention to protect you from negative feelings and emotions. To cleanse the stone run it for a few times under running water or if you have time leave it in a bowl with brown rice for a whole night. Then, hold the crystal in your hands and visualize a white light going through it and charging with good vibes and state your intention. Remember: Crystals only work when charged and intended. 


Hope you like it and if you have any more suggestions leave them in the comments section!!


Callie xo