Tarot & Oracle guidance!

Hey friends!!

It’s being a hot minute since I’ve touched my Oracle cards so today decided to mix it up with my tarot pull for the collective and the guidance from Spirit is amazing!

The pull was: 3 of Wands and Queen of Pentacles + You’re already doing it + Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

The 3 of Wands brings us the message that we have already reached some form of an end of a cycle and we are ready to take the step forward. Think about a creative project; the foundations are already laid out, now it's time to take the step forward and upgrade. It's time to expand. Paired with the confirmation card of the Oracle - "You're already doing it"- it invites us to leave any self-doubt behind and to be ready to leap forward with our ideas. Spirit is assuring all of us we are on the right path and we can move on to bigger achievements.


The Queen of Pentacles is the master of both internal and external aspects of our body and surroundings. She invites us to take a look around at how we're taking care of ourselves; are we nourishing our bodies to the point of supporting us on this new journey ahead? We might need to upgrade our care routine - so the time for slacking it's over. Our surroundings can only flourish when we first tend to our inner garden. Paired with the Activation card "Anna, Grandmother of Jesus", we are being asked to activate the seed of light inside all of us, the seed of service we brought within us into this incarnation to plant - we're all parts of a bigger plan - so take some time to listen to what message comes through your inner Self about the line of service you are meant to do and start upgrading your ideas and how you can incorporate them into whatever you're already doing it.

Journal questions:

  1. What am I ready to create at a whole new level?

  2. What can keep me from upgrading myself and my business?

  3. How can I overcome such obstacles?

  4. What line of service am I being called to embrace?

Just by answering to this questions on your head, you will be activating your inner guidance to point you in the right direction.

Hope it resonated with you all!!!

And on a side note…. I am offering FREE tarot readings with the option to donate (it helps with the maintenance of the website) in here. It would help me grow as a reader :)

Much Love,

C xx